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Introduce your people to the community that helped you change your home for the better.

Earn 50% recurring commission for every friend who joins the community.

Earn 50% one time commission for every friend who purchases a class.


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Share the joy of creating a Cozy Minimalist Home all through the year. By now your friends and family have probably noticed a change in your home--they'll be thrilled to know how to make changes in theirs.

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You'll receive a 50% recurring commission as long as your referrals are community members (yep!). That means after just two friends sign up, you'll cover the cost of your membership every month! Earn a one time 50% commish for each class sale.

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Earn extra cash and start planning that next home project or event you've been dreaming of hosting. You'll be paid monthly (first Friday of the month) through PayPal.


It's a dream come true to get to teach weekly classes all about making better decorating decisions. The Cozy Community is based on the Wall Street Journal Best Selling book cozy Minimalist Home. It's a private membership community and it's my favorite place on the internet.

Members will need facebook to get maximum value.

Thanks for trusting me with your people, I promise to encourage them while teaching universal decorating truths with wit, imperfection and just enough bossy big sister attitude to motivate them.

Membership options: $10 per month, cancel anytime

Annual: $100 per year, cancel anytime: includes free masterclass.

Commission: 50% recurring. Earn $5 per month per referral for as long as they're a monthly member, $50 annually for annual members. You'll be paid through PayPal by the 10th of the next month.

We open to new members three times per year: Octoberish/Januaryish/Mayish

Next Launch: October 4-10 2022

We (Karrie, Megan and Myquillyn) are here to support you, not only in your design decisions but as part of our team.

We want to help make this a win for you and your people, if you have any questions please reach out to Megan at [email protected].


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Annual members get access to three Master Classes!

These classes are not sold separately, only available for annual members.

More about the CMC

Click here for the sales page with information on the Cozy Minimalist Community. This is where your unique link will lead once you sign up and grab your link.

To be sure you are credited for sharing, it's best to wait until the community doors are open so those who follow your link have the option to buy, not join the wait list.

Feel free to screen shot any images or graphics from the sales page, or instagram to share when you promote the CMC.

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