It's time to finally finish your home. 

More Style, Less Stuff: A Step-by-Step Decorating Class & Community 

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Do you...


Feel like your home is never done?
Buy things you love for your home and wonder why in the world it still feels off?
Wish you had a trusted friend {or a bossy big sister} to answer your decorating questions?
I've got just what you need....


The Cozy Minimalist Decorating Class & Community

A 5-Step Decorating Class and a community with interactive live teachings, decorating coaching, and Q&A sessions where you'll...

make decorating decisions with confidence

Find the balance between the beauty you long for and the simplicity you crave without wasting anymore time, money or energy on stuff that doesn’t matter.

You really can have more style with less stuff.

finally finish those rooms

When you don’t feel like your home is complete or when it doesn't represent your style, you put off having people over and using your home to the fullest.

Finish your house so it can serve you and the people you love.

avoid regret and returns

Ever buy something you love but wonder why your room still doesn't seem right?

You're probably making great decorating decisions, just in the wrong order. Learn the ideal order to paint the walls, move the sofa, hang the wall art and everything else that goes into a room.

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Learn the right order to make decorating decisions that work like magic and apply to every room in your house. 


The 5 Phases

The 5 Phase Decorating Class: where you'll learn the proven process that always work in any room of every home. Making decisions in the right order is the key to meaningful change.

Weekly Teachings

New home topics every Tuesday! Join Myquillyn live or watch the recording if and when you're ready. Each topic will be saved in the archives of the private community. You'll have access for as long as you're a member. 

Community Archives

Together we'll answer each other's questions, share progress (with photos, of course!) and cheer each other on in our private Facebook group. You'll have access to the archives full of specific home topics and guides.


What everyone gets wrong


Your room feels unfinished so what do you do?

Run to HomeGoods and buy a few little accessories: pillows, vases, a new pretty candlestick for the mantel.

You get home and wonder why those items didn't make much impact.

Decorating a room is a five step process and these things are all added in the last step.

Skipping steps will only lead to frustration, wasted time and wasted money.


For less than the price of one wrong pillow a month, you can finally finish your home.

"I'm 50 years old and finally feel like I have a grown up room!"

Tami Vik
Community Member

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HI! I'm Myquillyn and I love all things home.

I'd rather have a new pair of throw pillows than a new pair of shoes. Yep, you should be buying your pillows in pairs, but we'll get to that later.

After moving 14 times in 25 years, I've learned a lot about making every single decision that has to do with home.

I've learned how to shop for a sofa with confidence. How to know which imperfections to live with, how to create beauty in a room with the least possible items, and how to have the most amount of style out of the least amount of stuff.

I've already helped over 250,000 people fall back in love with their home.

I'm ready to help you make confident, style-supporting decisions in every room of your home: in the right order.

Myquillyn's Imperfect, Cozy Minimalist home has been featured in:

All Styles Welcome

You'll learn universal decorating truths that apply to every home, budget and style.

Unsure About Your Style?

No worries, we've got 12 proven ways to rediscover your personal style. It's not lost, promise.

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