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A weekend workshop on the art and science of making home with Myquillyn Smith
 Multiple Weekend Events Coming 2021


The Smith Home + Barn :: Midland, NC


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Calling all Imperfectionists, Cozy Minimalists and Beauty Hunters

Join New York Times Best Selling Author, Myquillyn Smith for a three day workshop at her home, barn and property.

Based on the step-by-step teachings of her three books, Myquillyn will guide you in the no-fail, applies-to-any-room framework that will help you make every home decision regardless of your circumstances.

Learn her tried and true techniques for shopping second hand then put them into practice shopping together during the weekend.

Understand the simple secrets to incorporating the seasons into your home and you'll never want to buy factory-made seasonal decor again.

Let her home be your classroom 

Have you ever walked out of an inspiring home and thought wow, look what they can do? 

After this weekend, you'll leave inspiring places and think wow, I know what I could do.

Learn how to be inspired like it's your job (it is!) and apply that to your current home in a way that honors your unique style.

There is a real reason why some rooms look finished and right while others feel off and undone. Learn the science and art that goes into every decision you'll make in your home. 

Tour and learn from the Smith's lived-in and loved-on fixer-upper. 

See projects and rooms in real life, ask all your questions, experience a Cozy yet Minimal, Imperfect, Host-able, In-process home.

Find out what to focus on and what not to worry about when it comes to home renovations.

You'll leave with excitement and a fresh love for your own home and a list of simple, room-changing ideas to immediately implement.


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Dinner on the Grounds

You'll share a scrumptious semi-homemade dinner and cocktail hour thoughtfully planned and prepared by Myquillyn and Chad.  

Enjoy your dinner under the twinkle lights next to the pool in their recently renovated and DIYed backyard.

Three simple, delightful and delicious lunches will be served daily after the morning session.  

Coffees and mimosas will greet you in the white barn every morning.

You will not go hungry and you'll leave with simple, doable hosting ideas and creative ways to serve others in your own home.

The White Barn

The daily morning sessions will take place in the Smith's 800 square foot renovated tractor barn turned inviting family room.

Instead of a classroom, enjoy a family style environment set up for ultimate coziness, lighthearted inspiration and decorating truths in action all tucked away within a 12 acre tree-filled property.

You'll be immersed in bright, natural light, inviting decorating ideas and a cozy, yet minimal, imperfect yet beautiful atmosphere, perfect for soaking in everything.

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Beauty Hunting

Does it seem like others have better luck shopping second hand? Maybe you're convinced that their stores are better than yours.


Most stores are full of weird stuff with a few treasures here and there. Learn how to be a beauty hunter and spot unique finds everyplace you shop.

Shop together at Myquillyn's favorite place to find soulful home decor: The Depot at Gibson Mill.

At 88,000+ square feet, The Depot is the largest antique mall in the south featuring over 750 vendors and booths and a delicious cafe.  

Together we'll beauty hunt for meaningful, functional beauty for your home.

Myquillyn's Tiny House Shop will also be open for curated shopping at select times during the workshop weekend.

Be inspired

One of the most inspiring things you can do for your creative life is put yourself in fresh situations and new, interesting environments.

This weekend will be full of unique details, out-of-the-box thinking and surprising design elements.  

There is room for every personality type, with no forced sharing (beyond introducing yourself.) We understand the courage it takes to show up as yourself in a new environment and promise to honor your personal space, and need for quiet reflection or group interaction. 

Every morning, Myquillyn will teach home truths that will challenge your thinking. Every afternoon you'll have a chance to apply those truths with a fun hands-on approach.

You'll leave with loads of applicable ideas to instantly incorporate into your home.

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Hands-on Learning

Together we'll create a bespoke flower arrangement out of found foliage and grocery store blooms.

Watch first hand the transformation of an unbalanced vignette to a balanced vignette that works for any style.

You'll create a list of ideas to incorporate, purchases to make, and rooms to change up once you get home. You'll leave with motivation and an abundance of fresh ideas for every room in your house.

A few of the things we'll focus on as you take note of them in action: 

  • scale and balance
  • mixing patterns
  • furniture arrangement
  • displaying collections and small items
  • margin, white space and editing
  • colors + neutrals
  • the importance of drapes, rugs and lighting in the correct size
  • mixing masculine and feminine
  • adding textures
  • evaluating your space
  • mixing styles
  • incorporating nature and plants
  • adding soul to your home with second hand items
  • the power of contrast
  • using signature pieces
  • wall art
  • the exact right order to make design decisions that applies to every room of your house

You'll love this weekend if you:

  • long to create a home that reflects your personal style
  • find yourself waiting on the next house to create a home you love
  • feel more like a stuff manager than a home curator
  • feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that come with creating a beautiful, meaningful, perennial home
  • can't figure out why your rooms look off--and what to do to fix them
  • want fresh inspiration, new surroundings and a jump start to creativity
  • desire to use your home as a haven for others but don't feel ready
  • are drawn to the idea of minimalism but your life seems too complicated
  • love all things home and want to be around like-minded women
  • want to be encouraged, heard, fed, and immersed in beauty and ideas
  • need a weekend away thinking, learning and focusing on something important: Home
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Spaces are ultra limited at just 20 people.  

Save your seat now.


9:30: Barn doors open

10:00 Session 1: Imperfection: How to make changes when your home is less than perfect

12:00 Lunch provided on the grounds

1:00 Tour the home and property

3:00 Break until dinner (a list of Myquillyn's favorite shops will be provided, tiny house shop will be open)

6:30 Cocktails and dinner on the grounds


9:30: Barn doors open

10:00 Session 2: Cozy Minimalism + Shopping Second Hand

12:00 Lunch provided on the grounds

2:00 Meet at The Depot

Dinner on your own




9:30: Barn doors open

10:00 Session 3: Incorporating the Seasons and Simple Celebrations

12:00 Lunch provided on the grounds

1:00 Centerpieces, vignettes and other fun stuff

3:00 Q+A time, tiny house shop open

4:00 Goodbyes


Your Hosts: Chad & Myquillyn Smith

Hosting this weekend is our dream come true.

We've been married 25 years, lived in 14 different homes and we've experienced almost every home circumstance possible.

As a couple, hosting is our superpower. Not because we do it perfectly, but because we are wholehearted hosts who believe in the power of connection.

Chad's an extrovert and pastor of the property who cares deeply about the story and life of everyone who sets foot here.

Myquillyn is an unapologetic introvert who loves hosting small groups of people in their home. She's deeply passionate about all things home and 100% believes every home has a silver lining.

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special thanks to photographers Elizabeth Lauren Jones and Emma Francis Logan for the photos of Myquillyn